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At age fifteen, Nikki Leonti signed a record deal and had a successful Christian music career. Three years later she became pregnant out of wedlock, which caused many to turn away from her. When she envisioned her future, she didn’t foresee her life falling apart. Suddenly she was a single parent.

Many single parents feel alone, ashamed, hopeless, confused, or just plain tired—tempted to give in to the negative voices that say it’s impossible to fulfill the dreams of their youth. From personal stories of overcoming, to Scriptures that were her anchor during the most difficult moments, Nikki shares transparently her journey of experiencing God’s redeeming grace.

This book will help you:

  • Re-center your heart and mind towards what is good.

  • Navigate through the uncertainty that comes with single parenting.

  • Discover that your baggage can be the source of the greatest joy and restoration.

  • Get back on track to fulfill the incredible purpose God has for your life!

There is no perfect parent and being a single parent can make you feel even more imperfect. If you’ve experienced the end of relationship, divorce, or loss of a spouse, this book is a great source of encouragement for parenting solo. There is not a past too messy that can keep God from transforming the most hopeless situation into a beautiful story.


  • Rita Springer
    "Every single mother feels like a ship alone at sea at times. Single mothers have become the modern-day widow, and the percentage rises every year. To be seen and to know they are not alone is a rare gift to any mother. Regardless how a woman finds herself in the role of single parenting, to feel she is not alone and can raise exceptional humans is all the encouragement she sometimes needs. Nikki offers encouragement and hope that all is not lost, and that heroes sometimes look like women who are both mother and father to their kids."
    Rita Springer
    Songwriter, singer, leader
  • Kimberly Jones Pothier
    "This is a life-changing book for single moms. It is so hard juggling life, kids, and your own heart when you are single. So often we overlook ourselves in the process of taking care of everyone else. So take time to enjoy this thirty-one-day process of finding yourself and your purpose."
    Kimberly Jones Pothier
    Author of Beautifully Whole
  • Jaslyn Edgar
    "From the time I was born, my mother always made sure I felt secure in life. Yes, times have been tough, but we’ve gotten through everything together. With every obstacle, there’s been a lesson learned. She has taught me how to get through life and stay strong. I couldn’t ask God for a better mom. This book is an authentic representation of who my mom is and what we’ve gone through. I hope it encourages all of the moms who read it and reminds them that they’re not alone."
    Jaslyn Edgar
    Nikki’s daughter

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About the Author

Nikki Leonti is a singer, songwriter, author, and speaker who has been actively working in the music industry since she was signed to her first major record deal at fifteen years old. She had a very successful Christian music career as a teen, which resulted in several hit singles and a Billboard top-selling album. In 2016 Nikki and her family’s “Edgar Family Band” were semifinalists on Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. She, her husband, Ryan, and her children reside in Los Angeles, California. Connect with Nikki at edgarfamilyband.com.